I Bought This One Product to Save 8 Million Trees Each Year

Do you know 8 million trees are cut down each year to make facial tissue? Just in the United States?

I didn’t. 

And when I found out, it made me sick to my stomach.

I’m in my mid-thirties and I do what I can to be environmentally conscious. I don’t own a car, and always take public transport. I never buy paper towels or napkins (rags do the job just fine). I wash my recyclables before placing them in the bin.

Where I fall short — where I know I’ve fallen short, for years — is beauty products. 

Behind my medicine cabinet lies single-use-only…everything. Cotton swabs for my ears, cotton pads for removing nailpolish, cotton makeup remover wipes for my makeup, and cotton tissues for my nose.

If I’m being honest with myself (and with you), I didn’t do my research on single-use paper products because I was scared to find the answer. But when I found out that 27,000 trees are being cut down every day just to fuel my daily routine, I knew I needed to make a change.

The Paper and Pulp Industry is the 3rd Largest Industrial Emitter of Global Warming Gasses

And within the paper industry, tissues are one of the worst offenders.

Here’s why: It’s not just about the tissues themselves — it’s the energy that goes into creating them. In the United States alone, 26 million gallons of water are used each year to create single-use tissue paper. 

And energy resources? Single-use tissues use three times as much energy as a reusable product. So I went on a mega-Google hunt to find that product.

And I found it: LastTissue is a reusable tissue pack made from washable, organic cotton. Packed in a dish-washer-safe silicone case, each LastTissue case comes packed with six reusable tissues, which can be tossed in the laundry, dried, then used again (and again…and again). 

With just one box — er, pack — of LastTissues, you can save the planet from 2,800 single-use tissues. And unlike your grandpa’s handkerchief, they’re completely sanitary.

When I found this product, all I could think was, “Where do I sign up?”

How LastTissue Works 

LastTissue organic tissues come in a sleek, 100% silicone case (with plastic-free packaging, mind you). Simply blow your nose, remove your makeup, or strip off your nail polish, then place your used tissue behind the silicone barrier in your LastTissue case.

The silicone barrier works double-duty, first by separating your clean tissues from the used ones; and second by pushing your clean tissues down, making them ready-to-use. 

Both the silicone case and the tissues themselves are completely safe to wash. Toss the tissues in the laundry with your kitchen hand towels for an easy clean — even on the hot cycle! You can wash your tissues up to 140°F, 460 times.

As in, you can use the exact same tissue nearly 500 times before disposing — versus using paper products one time, then tossing it in a landfill. 

Once your used tissues are in the laundry, toss the silicone case in the dishwasher with your plates and silverware. In just one cycle, both the case and your tissues are ready to reuse.

How Reusable Tissues Can Help Save the Planet 

Let’s revert back to the 8 million trees cut down every year to produce a box of tissues. 

In the United States alone, nearly 28,000 square miles of trees are cut down every year, just to fuel our single-use tissue habit. That’s the size of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New Hampshire — combined. 

Sounds like a huge, overwhelming sacrifice for that one little box of tissues.

Every time trees are cut down, burned, or otherwise left to ash, their carbon is released into the air as carbon dioxide. Right now, deforestation causes 10% of all global warming emissions.

And not only does deforestation cause climate change, but it directly can lead to a loss of wildlife. Trees cut down to create single-use products — like tissues — provide homes, food, and breeding grounds for animals. Every single day, 137 animal species are going extinct as a direct result of deforestation.

And we’re contributing to all of this, all because we’re compelled to use things once then throw them away. Paper towels, cotton pads, cotton swabs, and tissues — each of these items are used one time before making the trek to the landfill. 

By purchasing just one pack of LastTissues, you save:

…2,800 single-use tissues from being tossed in the landfill (plus the packaging).

…2 liters of water, every time you blow your nose.

…3 times the energy used to produce paper tissues. 

Just imagine what that saves over the course of ten years!

Give Your Medicine Cabinet a Green Overhaul (With Zero Effort)

Every day, 41 million trees are cut down worldwide. And I’m not sure about you, but that staggering number makes my stomach drop. 

I bought LastTissues to reduce waste and make a small dent in the devastating effects of climate change.

And you know what? It made precisely zero change to my daily life.

I didn’t have to install solar panels on my apartment building or read books by candlelight. Saving tissues from the landfill requires zero effort from me. With LastTissue, I simply toss my used tissues in my laundry basket, rather than the trash. 

Between applying (and removing) my makeup, blowing my nose, and touching-up my smeared eyeliner, I estimate I used between 3–4 tissues a day. Now, with LastTissue, I plan to use the same six, reusable tissues for the better part of the next decade. Save Millions of Trees Over 10 Years

Let’s Do Our Part to Combat Climate Change 

You can make an intentional, lasting impact to combat global warming with just a few tweaks to your medicine cabinet. And it all starts with a small box of tissues.

Right now, you can buy two LastTissue packs and get the third free. For less than $50, you can get three LastTissue packs — perfect for storing in your medicine cabinet, desk, and purse. 

To cut down on waste and tackle deforestation, buy LastTissues today.

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